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Product Description

Active Ingridients and Indication

1. Hydroquinone : Depigmenting agent.
2. Tretinoin : Ceratolytic.
3. Fluocinolone Acetonide : Anti-Inflammation.
4. Refaquin cream contains hydroquinone as depigmenting agent and may disturb one or more tyrosinase track Series in melamine synthesis. Unknown Active substance working mechanism in Refaquin cream for melasma treatment.

1. For mild to severe short term face melasma treatment. Avoid Sunray and apply sunscreen on the administered area.
2. Refaquin cream contains Corticosteroids, retinoid and bleaching agent is not indicated for melasma treatment.
3. Non reviewed Refaquing cream security and efficacy for
hyperpigmentation treatment.


Hypersensitive, allergic, or intolerance individual to the component of this product.


Store in a tightly closed container at 150 – 250C


Box, Aluminium tube of 10g and 15g


Manufactured by

Surabaya, Indonesia

Reg.No.DKL 0828604829A1

  1. Apply evenly in a thin layer this product once a day on melasma area 30 minutes before sleep at night following the cleansed face.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth membranes.
  3. Do not use excessively, unless as otherwise prescribed, and do not cover the administered area. Stop this product usage in case of irritation, and immediately seek medical advice.
  4. To treat skin dryness, apply moisturizer Cream every morning after face cleansing and also apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or more (Parasol cream SPF 33), wear sun hat to protect the administered area from Sunray exposure.
  5. Treatment result will be noticeable within 4 weeks.

Refaquing Cream is a product Containing Corticosteroids, tretinoin, and bleaching agent, it is not indicated for melasma treatment. Following the achievement result of treatment, it may be continued with another treatment as the replacement of Refaquin cream, since melasma may recurrent after Refaquin discontinuation. Avoid sun exposure, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or ulore, wear umbrella, hat, and do not consume hormonal family planning pill, in case of so consume.

  • Refaquin cream contains sodium metabisulfite, where sulfite causes allergic reaction, such as anaphylactic symptoms and life-threatening asthmatic on sensitive patient.
  • Refaquin cream contains hydroquinone to cause exogenous ochronosis, namely gradual skin darkening and immediately stop the therapy. This generally happened on black people, but may also appear on Caucasians and Hispanics.
  • Non observed security and efficacy of this product to patient with V and VI type skins.
  • Unspecified security on pregnant and lactating mother.
  • Avoid sunray or ultraviolet light exposure. Continuously exposed patient to Sunray or irritant agent at work, or because of habit should be more careful, when administered with this product. Apply su NSCreel and wear protection (hat, for example) on the administered area. Sunscreen application is the important aspect in melasma treatment as the minimum sunray exposure will inhibit melanocytic activity.
  • Extreme weather, such as excessive hot or cold, may irritate patient applying this product. Apply moisturizer in the morning following the cleansed face, as this product effect may dry skin.

Avoid Refaquin cream application on eyes, nose, or mouth corners, as mucous layers on that area are more sensitive. Stop application in case of local irritation or get worse, and immediately consult your physician. Special treatment is required for allergic contact dermatitis, blistering crusting severe burning and irritation at mucous membranes, such as eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Carcinogenicity, mutagenicity and infertility:
  • Some researches applying hydroquinone to animal present the effect of Carcinogenicity, but unknown potency for human being.
  • Research to hairless albino mice indicates that tretinoin usage having the potency to cause tumor.
  • Mutagenic research did not combine this active substance. The published research result presents that hydroquinone is mutagenic and clastogenic.
  • Refaquin Cream contains teratogenic tretirloin and may cause fetal death, growth disorder, fetal defect, and neurologic deficits potency. No appropriate research on pregnant woman. Only apply Refaquin cream during pregnancy period, if it has bigger benefit than fetal death risk.
  • Local irritation, including dryness, redness, burn Sensation, peeling skin. Stop the treatment in case of hypersensitive reaction / chemical irritation.
  • With abrasive soap/cleanser, dryness Cosmetics, containing high alcohol and astringent.
  • Cosmetic to cause photosensitizing.
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